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We have been overwhelmed with the response to our introductory sales campaign, selling our entire inventory in only a few weeks.  New product will be available this spring. Order today to secure your RevivAir!

Color: Any color so long as it is black
For orders outside the North America please contact

Product Info

RevivAir is a patent pending, multipurpose tire maintenance system with Auto Level, Auto Inflate/Deflate and Maintainer modes

What's in the Box

4 - 25' self-coiling air hoses 
110-volt a/c wall power supply


Permanent Magnetic Motor

Duty Cycle: 25% @ 100 PSI

Maximum Working Pressure: 120 PSI

1.5 Gallon Tank

Under The Hood

Industry First

Inflating, deflating and maintaining 4 tires simultaneously
with powerful 120 PSI compressor

Unique Design

Boasts a unique compact design enabling RevivAir to be placed anywhere and is wall mountable

Made in The USA

Proudly made, assembled and shipped in Owosso Michigan

Garage Closed.jpg

•Inflation and tire gauge products at home and at the gas station are single function, can be difficult to use, inaccurate and slow.

•Inflating tires is an easy task with RevivAir.

•Push button touch screen makes operation easy to use and accurate.

•4 self-coiling 25 ft. anti-tangle hoses easily reach all 4 tires

•One hand operation with easy-on hoses with push-button release 

•Portable for easy use at home and on the road

Inflate Mode

Inflate Mode

Quickly inflate 4 tires simultaneously with a powerful 120 PSI compressor 


With inaccurate inflation products, over-inflated tires is a common occurrence leading to tire wear and safety issues.

Maintaining proper tire pressure is as important off-road as it is on it

Manually deflating tires is both time consuming and a struggle.

With RevivAir quickly deflate all tires on the trail then inflate them when leaving the trail.

Simply attach the hoses, set you PSI, and sit back and let RevivAir do the work for you.