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We have been overwhelmed with the response to our introductory sales campaign, selling our entire inventory in only a few weeks.  New product will be available this spring. Order today to secure your RevivAir!

Color: Any color so long as it is black
For orders outside the North America please contact

Product Info

RevivAir is a patent pending, multipurpose tire maintenance system with Auto Level, Auto Inflate/Deflate and Maintainer modes

What's in the Box

4 - 25' self-coiling air hoses 
110-volt a/c wall power supply


Permanent Magnetic Motor

Duty Cycle: 25% @ 100 PSI

Maximum Working Pressure: 120 PSI

1.5 Gallon Tank

Under The Hood

Industry First

Inflating, deflating and maintaining 4 tires simultaneously
with powerful 120 PSI compressor

Unique Design

Boasts a unique compact design enabling RevivAir to be placed anywhere and is wall mountable

Made in The USA

Proudly made, assembled and shipped in Owosso Michigan

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•Inflation and tire gauge products at home and at the gas station are single function, can be difficult to use, inaccurate and slow.

•Inflating tires is an easy task with RevivAir.

•Push button touch screen makes operation easy to use and accurate.

•4 self-coiling 25 ft. anti-tangle hoses easily reach all 4 tires

•One hand operation with easy-on hoses with push-button release 

•Portable for easy use at home and on the road

Inflate Mode

Inflate Mode

Quickly inflate 4 tires simultaneously with a powerful 120 PSI compressor 


With inaccurate inflation products, over-inflated tires is a common occurrence leading to tire wear and safety issues.

Maintaining proper tire pressure is as important off-road as it is on it

Manually deflating tires is both time consuming and a struggle.

With RevivAir quickly deflate all tires on the trail then inflate them when leaving the trail.

Simply attach the hoses, set you PSI, and sit back and let RevivAir do the work for you.

Deflate Mode

Quickly and automatically deflate all tires at home

or on the trail

Deflate Mode

20181210_031608000 WEB.jpg

•Slow leaks discovered at home or while on the road can cause uneven tire wear and blow-outs.

•With auto leveling, RevivAir can turn a tire that can not be driven on to one that can be safely driven within seconds.

•RevivAir’s Auto-Level is an industry first, automatically leveling all tires to the same PSI ensuring even tire wear and traction.

•It does this through an internal leveling bar that connect all 4 tires together in parallel.

•Auto leveling operates with and without power.

Auto Level Mode

Automatically levels all 4 tires to the exact same PSI.

Auto Level Mode

Auto Level.png
Maintainer Mode3.png

•When a tire has been stationary for an extended period of time flat-spotting occurs that can damage tires

•Auto-Maintain is designed for when storing a vehicle - simply inflate tires to the desired PSI and RevivAir will automatically turn on when required to maintain the proper tire pressure.

•Ideal for antique and collector cars, convertibles, RVs, ATV/UTV or any vehicle that is stored for an extended period of time. 

Maintainer Mode

Protect your rubber during periods of storage to

ensure flat-spotting does not damage your tires

Maintainer Mode

Screwdriver and tool
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•Inflation products and tire gauges at home and at the gas station can be a huge struggle resulting in tires that are either under or over inflated.

•RevivAirs proprietary HMI software with touch screen controls makes operation easy to use and enables inflation, deflation, and maintainer functionality while ensuring flawless accuracy.   

•With its easy to read graphics and simple user interface, the easy to use intuitive touch screen makes airing up and maintaining your tires a breeze.

Intuitive Controls

RevivAir’s touch screen and proprietary software makes operation easy and extremely accurate -- while providing live feedback

Intuitive Controls


•Struggling with hoses that don’t reach your tires is as frustrating as getting on your hands and knees in an attempt to fill each tire.

•RevivAir’s four 25 ft. self-coiling hoses won’t tangle and comfortably reach all tires.

•With one-hand operation the state-of-the-art easy on air chucks with push-button release are hassle free.

•No more fumbling on your hands to connect your hose and waiting there until your tire is full. Simply press on the air chuck to your valve stem and walk away. It’s that easy!

One Handed Operation

Four 25 ft. self-coiling hoses with easy-on

and push-button release chucks for quick


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One-Handed Operation


•Small and lightweight for ease of use

•Portable – take it on and off the road

•Hang on garage wall

•Permanently fix to shop wall

•Easily fits in trunk or other storage compartments

•Operates with 110 volt a/c wall power supply or 12 volt power cable with battery clips


Small, lightweight, and portable – hangs on the wall,

easily fits in the trunk

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Compact Design

  • Proper tire pressure has a significant impact on vehicle safety, fuel economy, tire wear and CO2 emission.

  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that just 19% of drivers properly inflate their tires.

  • The NHTSA reported that in 2018, 738 people died and there were 11,000 injuries in tire-related crashes.

  • The NHTSA reports that properly inflated tires can extend the average life of a tire by 4,700 miles.

  • According to the EPA properly inflated tires can reduce a vehicle’s carbon footprint by an average of 327 lbs. per year.


The Logical Choice

Using RevivAir will improve vehicle safety and fuel efficiency while reducing tire wear and CO2 emissions

The Logical Choice

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